Winning Insights

m-pathy analyses visualize what your customers experience.

We provide profound answers to your optimization problems based on the evaluation of thousands of individual behavioral data from gestures, clicks      and web form interactions.


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Our consultants deliver prioritized recommendations for your business-critical web-processes based on the behavioral data of thousands of your website’s visitors.

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Our mouse tracking solution m-pathy UX Insight brings you conversion optimization and customer experience management tailored for needs of high traffic websites.
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What our Customers are saying

„A real context of use in an in-house user testing is, thus, hardly given. This complicates the detection of usability problems that occur in the real world. m-pathy allows us to exactly analyze, over several weeks, user behavior which is based on real user context, without disturbing the users during their vacation planning.“

Sven Prasse (Usability Manager at HolidayCheck AG)

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„Through the detailed analysis results of m-pathy we have been able to see how our readers actually behave in important areas of the page. These insights have made ​​it possible to align our offering much better with the needs of our users. The combination of behavioral data and the subjective evaluation from the users within the analysis have been particularly helpful.“

Frank L. Niebisch (Digital business, team leader Projects & Site Operation)

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„At first we were skeptical about how the integration of m-pathy would affect the loading time of our high-traffic website. However, measurements have shown that m-pathy does not affect the performance of our site in any negative way.“

Gregor Schüler (Senior Vice President Sales & Corporate Development)

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„We at Wein & Vinos have been very impressed by the professionalism and expertise of our contact person at m-pathy.“

Dana Freund (eCommerce Manager at Wein & Vinos GmbH)

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