Uncover your User’s Navigation Patterns

Clickmaps show which menu items arouse the most interest and which buttons are not recognized as such. This makes them an ideal tool for optimizing the navigation of a website.

  • Which elements are clicked and  which are not?
  • Do users find the shortest path to their goals?
  • Are they specifically looking for something or just browse through your site?

In this way, frequently clicked links can be prominently placed and unsighted buttons highlighted. Unused buttons can be removed or regrouped. With the m-pathy clickcounter the distribution of clicks can be accurately measured for any arbitrary area of a single page, regardless of whether it consists of clickable elements or not. You simply need to open the clickcounter layer and drag it to the desired size.

Three clickcounters displayed over interesting page areas.


  • How often is teaser A clicked?  How about teaser B?
  • How much attention does an element placed on the margin attract in comparison to the main content column?
  • How many clicks go to the side column in total?
  • How many clicks go to the footer and the header?

The m-pathy clickcounter makes it possible to determine the performance of individual elements and compare it to others. In addition, wrong clicks can be revealed - for example, images and headlines that users click by mistake, even though they are not linked.

The result: an uncluttered, efficient site navigation that is entirely tailored to match the needs and expectations of your users.

Further information on this subject

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