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What is m-pathy about?

m-pathy offers usability analysis for all business-critical processes of your website, based on high-end tracking technology and years of extensive expertise in analysis.


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Conversion Optimization

Mouse tracking is with reason one of the most effective ways to optimize conversion rates. The strength of this method lies precisely in combining the insights into the real user behavior with thousands case studies.

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Mobile and Web UX

An analysis by our experts reveals the weaknesses of your website. The result: specific recommendations for action that can be implemented to optimize your user experience.


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Quality for Your Online Processes

m-pathy visualizes the real customer experience and gives the empathy back to websites.


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m-pathy On-site Survey

The m-pathy on-site survey gives people  who will eventually determine the success or failure of your website the chance to speak: the users themselves.


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Use Cases

Here you can see one of our use cases from a successful customer project. It is an example of how m-pathy optimizes websites.


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