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Martin Wunderwald


Martin Wunderwald

Sales ManagerProfil Martin Wunderwald
+49 351 501415-17

In the past 5 years Martin Wunderwald has undergone a remarkable transformation at m-pathy: being a certified media computer specialist, he started as a software developer, then became head of the IT-department and after that, due to his wish to experience more customer contact, he moved to the sales department. Given his skills and career development, he is the perfect consultant for our customers - he knows m-pathy inside and out and has significantly contributed to the strategic and technical development of the company through the years.

During his studies of media computer science in Dresden he developed complex portals for various clients. In his final thesis he dealt with statistical methods for extracting information from Big Data.

Today, he is fascinated by the challenge of truly understanding our customers’ problems and providing optimal solutions. He is always eager to know more about the infrastructure and the current optimization challenges of our customer to provide solutions with the maximum benefit.

His passion is road cycling. The composition of artistic still images provides a more meditative balance to this extreme hobby - he subtly and with great empathy photographs urban and abstract still life.

Martin Krompaß


Martin Krompaß

Sales ManagerProfil Martin Krompaß
+49 351 501415-46 

Since 2016 Martin Krompaß belongs to our team and consults our customers on how to use m-pathy. He has over 15 years of experience in the eCommerce field. After his apprenticeship as an industrial salesman at Bertelsmann he completed the studies of business economics at the University in Freiberg. His thesis was already about Online-Portals and their chances in international markets.

All of Martin’s professional stations have one thing in common: they were always about achievements in the digital business and learning more about the laws of online markets e.g. at Lycos Europe, Payment Network, BILLSAFE and Exactag. Today he ist driven by the desire to consult our customers on how they can improve their business model with m-pathy analytics and our software.

As a defender he played football on a high level for years. Today he is a loving father. Once a motor sports fan he now is a Formula 1 expert who is passionately interested in the fascinating background information of the racetracks, their funding, technical innovations, racing tactics and their marketing.

Sandra Kleine


Sandra Kleine

Profil Juliane RichterUX Consultant
+49 351 501415-43

Sandra Kleine always has an open ear for our customers’ requests. When it comes to professional project and consulting, she is the first contact person for our customers. She travels across Germany to present our work and learn more about our customers needs and wishes.

Dresden is the first city that managed to keep Sandra for more than five years. Previously, she has moved a lot and worked in different cities, collecting various practical experiences. In Toulouse, for example, she learned a flawless French. Sandra is part of the sales and marketing team of m-pathy since 2014.

During her studies of psychology, she focused primarily on perceptual psychology and human-computer interaction. Her final thesis on the topic of augmented reality dealt with user experience of estimating distances in virtual environments. At her previous position at Mercateo, one of the largest B2B trading platforms in Europe, she worked on various optimization project. This enables her to maintain a strong perspective for the problems of our customers.

If she is not enjoying a relaxing run in the forest in her spare time, she is singing in the 1. Dresdner Kneipenchor, which mostly gives concerts during the Biergarten-season. She also plays the accordion, piano and guitar.

Maria Händler


Maria Händler

Senior UX Consultanttl_files/m-pathy/kontakt/kontakt_xing.png
+49 351 501415-20

Maria Händler is Senior UX Consultant at m-pathy. She is responsible for the m-pathy analyses and supports a variety of national and international customers.

As a communication psychologist, she is an expert in Multimedia Psychology and Information Architecture. Numerous usability projects in her previous positions at YouGov (psychonomics) and denkwerk form the basis of her current experience and expertise in the optimization of websites. She has devoted herself to the evaluation of web pages using classical usability methods, to the analysis of survey data and the development of interaction concepts for websites and applications. For her, the user-friendliness of systems has always taken centre stage.

In her free time she enjoys hiking, preferably in the Sächsische Schweiz.

Anne Hammer


Anne Hammer

UX Consultanttl_files/m-pathy/kontakt/kontakt_xing.png
+49 351 501415-18

Anne Hammer is UX Consultant at m-pathy and successfully supervises projects for well-known national and international clients.

With a master’s degree in Applied Media Research at the TU Dresden and a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Science and Philosophy at the university of Erfurt she possesses the ideal education for an analyst at m-pathy. She gained her first practical experience working for MDR and the ZDF media research. One semester at the Université 8 in Paris completes her profile.

Anne Hammer enjoys fast-paced rides on her mountain bike. She also finds inspiration in literature and is a big fan of movies and TV shows.

Frederik Schulz


Frederik Schulz

UX ConsultantProfil Frederik Schulz
+49 351 501415-15

Frederik Schulz is an early riser and our expert on mobile websites and devices. He knows best why the hamburger menu has nothing to do with fast food.

While studying media computer science with a minor in psychology, he focused on the fields mobile computing, interaction design and augmented reality. His final thesis dealt with user experience while using software products.

He is on board with m-pathy since 2012. Currently he provides consulting for many of our clients on optimizing their websites, among them SportScheck, T-Mobile and Allianz. He is a frequently traveling through Germany to give talks or present analysis results to our clients. As a dexterous rhetorician with both hands and words he happily explains our recommendations to them and loves discussing them in detail.

Frederik was born in Pirna and enjoys traveling the world. He walked the pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela, plays squash with a passion and loves to photograph whatever he meets during his travels.

Severina Licheva, UX Consultant


Severina Licheva

Profil Severina LichevaUX Consultant
+49 351 501415-12

Severina Licheva is a part of the Usability Consulting team since 2014 and knows basically everything about OnSite-Surveys and the analyzation of forms. Being a team player she is a part of various projects and is particularly working together with Sanitas and ifolor to help them optimize their User Experience and Conversion.

Quantitative investigation makes her heart beat faster: she doesn’t interprets in a subjective way instead she enjoys the accuracy of numbers. She loves to come up with hypotheses, to investigate and finally to be able to show the facts.

During her Bachelor Studies of Media and Communication Sciences in Mannheim as well as Master Studies of Applied Media Investigation in Dresden she kept herself busy with advertising research as well as market and opinion research. On her stops before m-pathy e.g. at eye square in Berlin she collected important practical experience in the fields of Eye-Tracking, Mouse-Tracking and Online-Surveys. After focussing on Brand and Media Experience she is now devoted to the User-Experience.

In her free time Severina likes to swim and paint abstract worlds. But above all she is a fan of American doctor TV series. She watched so many of them that we made her our delegate of first aid.

Michael Kaltenecker, UX Consultant


Michael Kaltenecker

UX ConsultantProfil Michael Kaltenecker
+49 351 501415-19

Micheal Kaltenecker is systematically precise when it comes to searching conspicuous behavior of users. With a great exploratory spirit it is hard for him to see when the Usability is complicated or usage scenarios are not thought through entirely. He loves statistics because if applied correctly they help to reveal usability hurdles that were not visible before.

After his Bachelor in Applied Media Sciences in Ilmenau he completed a Master in Communication Science. In his thesis he examined the effects of the usage of the „Wahl-o-Mat“ on the voting behavior. After a stop in the field of advertising research at Ipsps in Hamburg he has been analyzing for m-pathy since 2015.

He has done his detective-like work for diverse customers from various industries and with every project he uses m-pathy to an extend. What he loves most about his job are the infinite possibilities of filtering to quantify and prioritize the conversion killers that have been noticed.

Michael prefers to cook Italian and enjoys long walks through urban environments to capture something new for his photo blog.

Alin J. Gärtner, Marketing & Event Manager


Alin Gärtner

Marketing & Event ManagerProfil Alin Gärtner
+49 351 501415-44 

Alin Gärtner is our marketing expert!

After her Bachelor in Business Administration she collected lots of practical experiences in Technology Marketing, Event- and Account Management at companies such as Bosch, Daimler and Shutterstock. What is JavaScript? She is able to explain this in her sleep. At events that she organizes the flowers even have the colors of m-pathy.

Since 2016 she is a part of m-pathy and is responsible to let the world to know what is going on at m-pathy, how we work and what exactly makes our customers happy.

When off, then she is gone. Alin is a traveler and likes to visit friends all around the world. Guacamole & Co. make her heart beat faster. She enjoys Mexican and Thai food and if she could she honestly would order everything online.

Tobias Kroha


Tobias Kroha

Founder and CEOtl_files/m-pathy/kontakt/kontakt_xing.png
+49 351 501415-42

Tobias Kroha is founder and CEO of m-pathy. He focuses on the business administration and strategic development of all products and services.

At the age of 19 he founded his first company to bring the Internet to the rural region of the Oberpfalz. With his next project he became the first provider of press clippings on the basis of online media. 

During his studies of Communication Science, Computer Science and Sociology he developed many extensive individual software projects, which formed the basis for founding seto GmbH after his graduation. Its customers included the Hertie-Foundation, Konsum e.G. and the Privatbank Sal. Oppenheim. Since 2006, seto GmbH has been developing m-pathy, which is now one of the leading solutions to optimizing user experience and conversion rates.

Tobias Kroha is a passionate runner and father and a keen traveller of Ireland.