Optimizing Processes and Increasing Conversion

The m-pathy form analysis is the best way to increase your conversion rates.

Forms are the central interface in the web where visitors turn into customers. At the same time they are often the weakest spot in a process and cause users problems. 

Traditional web analytics solutions only reveal on which page a visitor drops out, but not why. m-pathy goes into detail and provides metrics for each form field:

  • How much time is required for the input?
  • How often is input corrected?
  • What is the dropout rate per field?

m-pathy form analysis measures all the following key figures such as dropouts, corrections, interaction time and the period until interaction of every single field of a form. With one click on the „play“ button one is able to filter and play back all the sessions in which users dropped out or made any corrections  in the particular field.

With m-pathy, forms can be optimized so that no customer willing to convert gets lost in the process.

Further information on this subject

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