UX Analysis of Smartphone and Tablet Users

Look over the shoulder of your mobile users. m-pathy UX insight mobile offers you the visualization and analysis of typical touch and multi-touch gestures on mobile devices in the m-pathy player. Zooms, clicks and scrollings can be reproduced as a single user sessions or seen as an aggregated heatmap. Like in a classical desktop analysis, we can optimize forms down to the field level.

In this particular mobile session from ImmobilienScout24 the user is interested in the offered houses. He clicks on the search field and enters a postal code and a location. Afterwards, he corrects the location and switches to the results.


While there are formed usability standards for desktop websites, the current state of knowledge in the mobile sector is still rather low. The ease of use, however, is especially important in this area. Users visit mobile websites with a clear intention, often in a stressful environment. A lab test provides here irrelevant results. With m-pathy UX insight mobile you get the chance to base your analysis on authentic user sessions.

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Immobilien Scout

m-pathy fills an important gap in the analysis of live data, because such detailed usability analysis of individual pages and forms is not possible using conventional web tracking.“

Lorenz Johnsen (Team Lead - Data Analytics, Immobilien Scout GmbH)