Mobile and Web UX

An analysis by our experts reveals the weaknesses of your website. The result: specific recommendations for action that can be implemented to optimize your user experience.

The m-pathy mouse tracking technology makes it possible to trace visits click by click on desktop, tablet or smartphone. Several thousands of such visits are anonymously recorded during the analysis within each project. We identify problematic user sessions through the intelligent filtering of this large data collection.

We Have Gained Experience in Numerous Projects since 2007.

Based on the session videos of real users we demonstrate how they behave on the website and which obstacles they face. Moreover, the frequency of usability problems is included as an important criterion in the analysis. As a result, you will receive profound optimization proposals based on unique interaction data.

High-end Technology and Analysis Expertise from one Hand

A successful project starts with the right conception and the corresponding implementation of the tracking code. We take   over the individual adjustments for you, so that all dynamic page elements are correctly recorded.


We Can Handle the Diversity of Devices.

The mobile channel is becoming increasingly important for our customers' multi-channel strategies. After a profound analysis, m-pathy mobile gives you recommendations for optimization of your mobile services. Particularly interesting is the possibility of filtering by device groups, which enables segmented analyses for desktop, tablet and phone.


Complete conception of the study design by our consultants according to your strategic questions including selection of the suitable methods.

  • Which are the main questions?
  • Which methods should be applied for answering those questions?
  • Which technical features have to be considered?
  • Which page areas and to what extent should be tracked?

You will receive a customized tracking code that is specifically adapted to the technical setup of your website - the m-pathy custom code. 

This way, dynamical content such as layers or page elements loaded by ajax calls are tracked correctly. In addition, the m-pathy custom code sets page names and segments. You simply need to insert a two-line JavaScript code into the html source code of your website.

  • technical support during the implementation of the code
  • testing of the tracking in your test systems
  • monitoring of the live user tracking

Recording of all interaction data on your website for a defined period of time

  • tracking of all clicks, mouse movements, scrolling and keyboard entries (anonymous)
  • variable recording rate, depending on traffic volume and tracking period
  • duration depending on the study design

Data Protection

m-pathy is consistent with the provisions of the strict German data protection regulations. Our servers are located in Germany and are, for that reason, subject to the German legislation. m-pathy does not store IP addresses. Keyboard entries and page areas with personal data are anonymized during the transmission. Highly sensitive data such as passwords are generally not recorded. The SSL-data is transferred encrypted.

Analysis of all recorded interaction data through our skilled user experience experts.

  • How do users behave in general? Do usability problems occur?
  • Which page areas and elements do users interact more frequently and intensively with?
  • Which elements are used first? How often is the search field used?
  • What interaction behavior leads to error messages? How often do certain error messages occur?
  • Where do users come from? What differences in users’ behavior can be seen depending on their origin?

Personal on-site presentation of the results by our consultants.

  • presentation of the interaction behavior on the basis of significant examples
  • presentation and evaluation of the identified usability problems
  • precise recommendations for optimizing your website

Further information on this subject

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Through the detailed analysis results of m-pathy we have been able to see how our readers actually behave in important areas of the page. These insights have made ​​it possible to align our offering much better with the needs of our users. The combination of behavioral data and the subjective evaluation from the users within the analysis have been particularly helpful.“

Frank L. Niebisch (Digital business, team leader Projects & Site Operation)